Alpine white strawberry plants

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These everbearing plants produce small white alpine strawberrys that taste like pineapple . They are perfect for hanging baskets.They propagate by seed or division- not runners. Priority shipping included

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The plants are grown from our seed. It takes 6 months to grow these from seed as they grow slowly. They are ready to be planted into a planter or bed and will produce soon.

Alpines like cool conditions and a slightly acidic soil with plenty of good compost. They do not like to dry out so keep them moist and they will reward you with delightfully fragrant, sweet berries. They can be divided once a year and you can also gather the seeds to propagate more. To do that ,simply do not pick the berries. After the fruit ripens, it will shrivel leaving only the seed on the stem. Gather these for planting.

    Everything grown or made by founder since 1977. No chemicals or commercial manures used & only open pollinated seeds planted . Most of the work is done by hand . Biodynamics practiced here since 1990 . Small scale homestead that grows most of its own foods . Shipping included.