Devils Claw

We send you 5 decorative seed pods from the Devil's claw plant, originally from the southwest.

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These are a wonderful plants to grow in your garden or landscape that you won't find at your garden center. They are very easy to grow and require little water since they are native desert plants.

They are about 3 foot high and 3 foot across with edible okra like pods that follow a beautiful orchid like flower that is cream and purple in color. When the pods dry, they are great for decorative use, or in basketry as that is what the natives use them for. .

    Everything grown or made by founder since 1977. No chemicals or commercial manures used & only open pollinated seeds planted . Most of the work is done by hand . Biodynamics practiced here since 1990 . Small scale homestead that grows most of its own foods . Shipping included.

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