Large Wild Basket with Walnut Dye

Store Specialty & Others Large Wild Basket with Walnut Dye

The largest of my recent baskets using my walnut natural dye, willow frame and wild vines 15/15/14 - 7" deep. FARM ART

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This would make a great basket to take to the garden or market. You could also use it to display treasures in. Sturdy handles go all around the basket so they are strong and will last a long time. No two are ever alike.

I like giving classes here and share the fun and joy of creating these rib style baskets, a lost art form with plants growing right here in the gardens. I planted basket willow here 20 years ago and also use whips from my orchard or even roots to create the strong frames. These baskets should become heirlooms as the are built to last.

    Everything grown or made by founder since 1977. No chemicals or commercial manures used & only open pollinated seeds planted . Most of the work is done by hand . Biodynamics practiced here since 1990 . Small scale homestead that grows most of its own foods . Shipping included.

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